“The Baseball Game” AP Stylebook Rewrite

Addi Tarr
1 min readSep 11, 2019

The Bay City Bluebirds rallied from a 3-run deficit Tuesday night to defeat the Caramel Cardinals 6–3 and win the Western Tri-state Division Championship.

The Bluebirds are now assured a place in the Tri-state playoffs, which begin next week. Their opponent will be determined Wednesday in a game between the Santa Ana Generals and the Redwood Knights.

The Cardinals led the Bluebirds for most of the game, and they had a 3–0 lead in the eighth inning.

In the Bluebird half of the eighth, first baseman Tim Story, walked and stole second. Left fielder, Bill Carbosi, was walked intentionally, and both runner moved up a base on a wild pitch by Cardinal starter Ronnie Miller. Miller was then relieved by Chuck Nelson.

Bluebird second baseman Carbo Garbey lined Nelson’s first pitch into deep center field, scoring both baserunners. Two pitches later, Garbey stole home to tie the game.

Nelson got the next 2 hitters out, but then Bluebird catcher Carey Clark, homered to put the Bluebirds ahead. The Bluebirds added two more runs in the ninth to ensure their victory.