AP Stylebook Exercises 3.4, 3.5, 3.6

Addi Tarr
2 min readSep 4, 2019

3.4 Stylebook 2

1. The Defense Department is about to propose a new missile system.

2. Federal Communications Commission, hitchhiker, $3, 4 million.

3. The three most important people in his life are his wife, son and mother.

4. Part-time, 10-year-old child, 5p.m., 5,300.

5. The Cardinals won the last game of the World Series, 7–5.

6. spring (season), fall (season), south (point on compass), South (region).

7. Nov. 15, the last day of February, March 16.

8. Thirteen people traveled to Austin, Texas, for the rally.

9. He had 10 cents left in his pocket.

10. homemade, well-known, Italian-American, questionnaire.

3.5 Stylebook 3

1. The United States is not always the best market for U.S. products.

2. Circle the correct forms:

upward, British Labour Party, Riverside Avenue, cupfuls, eyeing.

3. The Republican differed with the Democrat many times during the debate.

4. Drs. Mary Wilson and John Smith performed the operations.

5. Circle the correct forms:

goodwill, USS Eisenhower, cigarette, mid-America.

6. He stated that he was neither a communist nor a member of the Communist Party.

7. After her surgery, she had to wear a pacemaker.

8. “What a hair-brained scheme!” she exclaimed.

9. preempt, speed up, 55mph, hooky.

10. The underworld — or Mafia, was responsible for the murder.

3.6 Stylebook 4

1. The first rutabaga eating contest was canceled because of adverse weather.

2. It’s not all right to drink an excess of beer before going to a football game.

3. As Einstein said, “all knowledge is relative.”

4. The state capitol of Louisiana is located at 3722 Dagwood Road.

5. The major refused to go along with the city council vote. “I dissent,” he stated.

6. Madonna certainly has a flair for fashion; she always wears expensive outfits.

7. The bomb destroyed Senator Kitsmoot’s bird cage.

8. My bright-green Chevrolet, which is in the garage, needs a new transition.

9. Knopke’s joke elicited laughter from the Midville City Council.

10. Jones lay on the floor waiting for the new job interview to begin.

11. Horowitz, an ethics major — vowed never to compromise his principles.

12. At the end of the book report, Haynes sited the World Book as a source.